Our Mission, Vision and Values

Good To Go Travel, Liverpool

The world is evolving, as do the services that companies provide to their customers. To belong to the future means to search those means of creating a better service and the best value for money for your clients. Good To Go Travel will be around for many years to come, this will be achieved through strong values, a great vision and a well-defined mission. We are determined to create a long term road for our company and also a win-win partnership with our clients.
Our MissionThe company’s mission is to constantly help improve the quality of our services for our customers.We dedicate our time and efforts with a well-defined purpose in mind – that of providing better services on the transportation of our clients. We build our actions and decisions with two fundamental objectives in mind:

  • Our customers – we aim to provide not only reliable services in the private hire sector, but also the best value for money to all our clients;
  • Our drivers – we believe in offering each day professional work environment that offers equal opportunities for all employees.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to become the leader in the Liverpool corporate hire sector of business. For that we are constantly trying to expand our horizons and increase the quality of the services we provide.

In order to achieve this vision we established long term principles regarding:

  • People: be the best work place, where people feel confident, inspired and have equal opportunities.
  • Service portfolio: offer the best services and anticipating the market’s needs.
  • Quality: make our customers a priority by constantly improving the quality of the services we provide.
  • Reputation: be a trustworthy company in the eyes of our customers, market and all partners.
  • Profit: maximize our long term revenue while taking care that our overall responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • Sustainability: providing the best financial results while incorporating quality services.

Core Values

In order to take a decision we rely on a number of values. This core values are not only the guide to our day to day activities but also our strongest believes.

  • Reliability – we aim to deliver what we promise – courteous drivers and clean cars;
  • Flexibility – we are very open minded with our clients;
  • Integrity – we are credible and trustworthy;
  • Excellence – we aim to deliver quality services at all times;
  • Equality – we create an equal environment for all our clients;
  • Respect – always value our clients and each other;
  • Politeness – be friendly and polite no matter the situation;
  • Punctuality – we respect and apply the “always be on time” policy.

Our mission, vision and values revolve around one particular aspect – the market. We nurture the relationship with our clients and not only do we pay attention to their problems and complaints, but we also try to anticipate the needs and desires, in order to provide better, faster and innovative solutions.

Here at Good To Go Travel we take what we do very seriously.

  • – Every error we make is a well learned and cherished lesson.
  • – Every service we provide we pore our soul and effort into it.
  • – Every decision we take is a step forward to achieving our vision.

We welcome you with friendship, professionalism and respect!